Central Bank of Bahrain

Upgraded BD20, BD10 & BD 5 of fourth issue

10 Dinar


 20 Dinar

 10 Dinar

 5 Dinar





This feature reveals the number 10 in Arabic as one colour in daylight, and as two different fluorescent colours when viewed under UV light



This feature appears as number 10 in Arabic numerals, when the banknote is held up to the light, the number 10 in English numerals will be revealed


Rapid Motion Thread

Very developed visual characteristics security thread, that when tilting the paper shows moving blocks with the banknote denomination


Spark Live Truspin

Avisible security feature, carrying either a single or double ring with shifting colour and the value of the banknote appears on the center feature


Accessibility for the Visually

A feature has been added to all banknotes to assist people with impaired vision. A series of short, raised lines, placed at the middle of front banknote on the right edge, indicates the value of the note. The BD1/2 has one line, BD1 has two lines and so-on, up to BD20 with five lines

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