Central Bank of Bahrain

CBB launching a new e-service for its Staff in collaboration with the Retail Banks

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 26th February 2018 – The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has launched a new electronic service, which facilitates banking transactions for its employees through a direct online banking system with retail banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This system allows the retail banks providing credit services to CBB employees to view – upon the concerned employee’s request- the required salary and employment service data in a timely and secure manner, which preserves the privacy of the data.

Upon receiving the employee’s request, CBB system sends the relative data electronically to the concerned bank allowing it to access the employee’s information through a special transaction code. The information is available to the respective bank for a limited period only.

This online service is part of the CBB’s strategy to utilize technology in the development of business processes in order to enhance the work mechanism, preserve information security and privacy and better optimize the use of resources" said Dr. Huda Hussain Al-Maskati, Executive Director of Corporate Services.


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