Central Bank of Bahrain

Making a Complaint

Customers of licensed financial institutions are expected to raise the matter first with the institution concerned, should they have a complaint about a service or product. Only when they have exhausted the institution's own complaints procedures should they contact the Central Bank of Bahrain ('CBB'), using the complaint form provided (see right, under 'Related Topics').

The Central Bank of Bahrain reviews complaints to see if there have been any breaches of its regulatory requirements. It also monitors complaints received to see if there are any noticeable trends.

Consumers should note that they are responsible for making sure they are clear up front about the contract terms of any products or services they obtain. They are unlikely to obtain redress, unless the financial institution concerned has broken these contract terms, has failed to disclose material information, or has otherwise acted in an unreasonable manner.

To make a complaint by telephone, please contact the Consumer Protection office on +973 17547789.

Complaints which relate to potential cases of contravention of the CBB Law, rules and regulations, or a self-regulatory organisation's business rules in relation to the Capital Markets in the Kingdom of Bahrain may be logged using the Capital Markets Complaint Form provided (see right, under 'Related Topics').

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