Central Bank of Bahrain

Women continue to advance in the Financial Sector

Manama, Bahrain July 10, 2017 - A meeting took place today at the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), where Mr. Rasheed Al Maraj, Governor of the CBB received Mr. Masood Bader, General Manager at Bahrain National Insurance Company accompanied by recently promoted employees Ms. Eman Salem Mujali and Ms. Enas Ismail Akbar.

Both senior employees have gradually advanced in their careers through diligence and motivation, and are now in managerial positions representing their specializations within the Bahrain National Holding Company.

The Governor welcomed the guests and congratulated the employees on their new posts as Deputy and Assistant General Managers.

“We at the CBB are very pleased to see women are taking on more leadership roles within the sector, and both of you serve as role models for the newcomers to follow suit,” said Mr. Al Maraj.

“It is part of our vision here at the CBB to see more capable women advance in this sector, as they have proven that they are equally deserving and competent, and are able to take on this challenge,” he added.

Also, present at the meeting were Dr. Huda Al Maskati, Executive Director of Corporate Services, Fouad Abdul Wahid, Director of Insurance Supervision and Nayla Al Khalifa, Head of Communications at the CBB.

Dr. Huda Al Maskati commenting on this occasion said, “We are certain that Ms. Mujali and Ms. Akbar are a few of many successes in this thriving industry, which comprises 32% women, and proud to say is a growing statistic.”

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