Central Bank of Bahrain

CBB Receives University Of Dauphine, Paris Islamic Finance Executive Master Students

Manama, Bahrain - 28 April 2014 - The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) received today a group of students studying the Dauphine Executive Master Principles and Practices of the Islamic Finance, at the University of Dauphine, Paris headed by their academic staff, to gain a further understanding of the financial services industry and the challenges that are faced.

The students were welcomed by the Director of Islamic Financial Institutions Supervision and sector presentations were delivered on 'Islamic banking in Bahrain' by the Advisor of Islamic Financial Services Development, 'the insurance industry' by the superintendent of Conventional Reinsurance Firms, Insurance Directorate and details on the 'CBB Sukuk' by the superintendent of Monetary Operations, Banking Services

The discussions focused on the techniques adopted by the CBB as a supervisory and regulatory body. The visit ended with a visit to the CBB's Currency Museum.

On this occasion of this visit, Executive Director - Corporate Services, CBB said, 'The CBB are always happy to welcome academic students from universities to assist them in applying their academic knowledge within the practical world of the financial industry'.

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