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Please note that the CBB is unable to provide hard copies of these publications. If you wish to subscribe to any of these publications, please e-mail us, listing the publications you wish to receive and you will be added to the distribution list.

Annual Report

The financial year of the CBB is the same as the Government's financial year, i.e. the Gregorian calendar year.

Besides containing financial statements and the auditor's opinion, the annual report contains a summary of the main domestic and international economic developments for the year, together with more detailed reports on the CBB's operations and future plans.

  2014 (CBB) English / Arabic  
  2011 (CBB) English / Arabic  
  2010 (CBB) English / Arabic  
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  2000 (BMA) English / Arabic  
  1999 (BMA) English / Arabic  

Insurance Market Review

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) regularly issues the "Insurance Market Review", an annual publication that highlights the performance of the insurance industry in Bahrain.



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Financial Stability Report

The Central Bank of Bahrain's Financial Stability Report evaluates the financial condition and performance of financial intermediaries and markets, identifies potential risks to financial stability and proposes remedial supervisory actions for any recognized vulnerabilities. It is published semi-annually.

  February 2016 English  
  August 2015 English  
  February 2015 English  
  August 2014 English  
  February 2014 English  
  June 2010 English  
  December 2009 English  
  June 2009 English  
  December 2008 English  
  June 2008 English  
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  June 2007 English  

Financial Stability Papers

Financial Stability Papers are published periodically by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) to improve general understanding of financial stability issues and to stimulate policy-oriented debate.

  March 2008: What is Financial Stability?  

Balance of Payments Report

The Central Bank of Bahrain's Balance of Payments Report presents developments in various accounts of the Balance of Payments, highlighting key macroeconomic developments in both the global and domestic economy that have affected the balance of payment accounts during the review period. It also discusses movements in Bahrain's International Investment Position (IIP). It is published annually.

  2011 English  
  2010 English  
  2009 English  
  2008 English  
  2007 English  
  2006 English  

Monetary and Financial Trends

The Central Bank of Bahrain's Monetary and Financial Trends highlights developments in key monetary and financial indicators, including monetary aggregates, domestic credit, interest rates, domestic public debt, exchange rates and official reserves. It also covers trends on the Bahrain Stock Market. It is published quarterly.

  Q1 2011 English  
  Q4 2010 English  
  Q3 2010 English  
  Q2 2010 English  
  Q1 2010 English  
  Q1 2009 English  
  Q2 2009 English  
  Q3 2009 English  
  Q4 2009 English  
  Q4 2008 English  
  Q3 2008 English  
  Q2 2008 English  
  Q1 2008 English  
  Q1 2007 English  
  Q2 2007 English  
  Q3 2007 English  
  Q4 2007 English  

Economic Report

The Central Bank of Bahrain's Economic Report provides an overview of international, regional and domestic economic developments. It also covers private sector highlights as well as monetary, financial, fiscal, trade and capital market developments. The Economic Report is published annually.

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