The Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law 2006 places an obligation on the Central Bank to consult formally before issuing any Regulations, unless the Regulation in question is urgently required (Article 37). No such obligation exists in the case of Directives (Article 38). However, the has a general policy of involving the industry and other stakeholders in developing all its requirements, and publicly consulting on these, wherever possible.

The CBB’s policy development plans are outlined at the start of each year in a policy statement. These plans may also be supplemented from time to time by occasional newsletters on key areas of policy under development, such as Basel II.

The tables below list: open, closed and finalized consultations; the closing date for comments; the consultation material in the form of PDF files; CBB’s response to feedback received and the effective date of the directive/regulation. Contact details are given in each consultation paper. General enquiries about consultations may be addressed to the CBB’s Policy Unit.

Closed Consultations
Finalized Consultations & CBB Feedback Statements
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