Fact Sheet


Central Bank of Bahrain

Financial Institutions:

(December 2018)

Financial Sector Workforce:

Total Workforce14,093 (2017)
Bahraini nationals9,248 (66%)
Foreign nationals4,845 (34%)

Key Economic Indicators:

GDP (Current)US$35.4 billion (2017)
Growth9.9% (2017)
GDP (Constant)US$33.1 billion (2017)
Growth3.8% (2017)
Financial Sector contribution to GDP16.7%
Sovereign RatingB+ (S&P December 2018) with Stable Outlook

BB- (Fitch March 2018) with Stable Outlook

Population1,503,091 (2018)

Banking Sector:

AssetsUS$192.1 billion (November 2018)
No. of institutions382 (December 2018)
Retail banks98 (December 2018)
Locally incorporated14
Branches of foreign banks16
Wholesale Banks68
Representative Offices (Banks)7
Bank Society1
Islamic Banks (included in above):
No. of banks21 (December 2018)
AssetsUS$27.8 billion (November 2018)

Insurance Sector:

Total No. of Insurance Companies & Organisations
Authorised in Bahrain144 (January 2018)* excluding Appointed Representative
Domestic Market
Gross premiumsUS$723,649 million (December 2015)
No. of Insurance Firms36
– Locally Incorporated Insurance Firms24
— Takaful & Retakaful Firms (included above)8
— Captives (locally incorporated, included above)1
– Overseas Insurance Firms12
Insurance Brokers32
Insurance Consultants4
Insurance Managers4
Representative Offices4
Registered Loss Adjusters12
Registered Actuaries29
Insurance Ancillary Services7
Insurance Pools & Syndicates2
Insurance Society1
Insurance Licensees Restricted:25
– Insurance Firms restricted:19
– Insurance Brokers restricted:4
– Insurance Consultants restricted:2
Insurance Appointed Representative26
– Corporate14
– Individual12

Investment Business Firms:

Total no. of institutions 59 (January 2018)
No. of Investment Business firms 52 (January 2018)
Representative Offices 6
Bahrain Asset Manager Association 1

Specialised Licensees:

Total no. of institutions 53 (January 2018)
Money Changers 19
Fund Administrators License3
Registered Administrators 1
Financing Companies 6
Microfinance Institution 2
Trust Service Providers 3
Ancillary Service Providers 18
Registered Professional Body 1

Funds Industry:

Authorised Funds 2,288 (January 2019)
NAV US$6.835 billion (December 2018)
Locally Incoporate Funds (CIUs and PIUs)84
Locally Incoporated (CIUs) 64
– Conventional-CIU 41
– Islamic-CIU 23
Locally Incorporated (PIUs) 10
– Conventional-PIU 6
– Islamic-PIU 4
Foreign Funds-Offshore 2,214 (January 2019)
NAV for Local Funds (CIUs and PIUs) US$2.595 billion (December 2018)
NAV for Offshore Funds US$4.239 billion (December 2018)
NAV for Islamic Funds (Local and Offshore) US$1.271 billion (December 2018)

Capital Market:

Market Capitalisation US$ 21,746,765,081 (December 31, 2018)
No. of firms 13 (December 31, 2018)
Licensed Exchanges 1
Licensed Clearing, Settlement and Central Depository Systems 1
Licensed Securities Brokers 3
Licensed Securities Clearing Member 0
Licensed Securities Broker Dealers 1
Other Members of Licensed Exchanges 7




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