Fact Sheet


Central Bank of Bahrain

Financial Institutions:

(January 2020)

Financial Sector Workforce:

Total Workforce14,148 (2018)
Bahraini nationals9,285 (66%)
Foreign nationals4,863 (34%)

Key Economic Indicators:

GDP (Current)US$37.7 billion (2018)
Growth6.4% (2018)
GDP (Constant)US$33.6 billion (2018)
Growth1.7% (2018)
Financial Sector contribution to GDP16.5% (2018)
Sovereign RatingB+ (S&P December 2018) with Stable Outlook

BB- (Fitch March 2018) with Stable Outlook

Population1,503,091 (2018)

Banking Sector:

AssetsUS$205.5 billion (November 2019)
No. of institutions376 (January 2020)
Total No. of Banks94 (January 2020)
Retail banks31 (January 2020)
Locally incorporated14
Branches of foreign banks17
Wholesale Banks63
Representative Offices (Banks)8
Bank Society1
Islamic Banks (included in above):
No. of banks20 (January 2020)
AssetsUS$31.4 billion (November 2019)

Insurance Sector:

Total No. of Insurance Companies & Organisations
Authorised in Bahrain147 (February 2020)* excluding Appointed Representative
Domestic Market
Gross premiumsUS$755 million (December 2018)
No. of Insurance Firms35
– Locally Incorporated Insurance Firms23
— Takaful & Retakaful Firms (included above, in Locally Incorporated)8
— Captives (included above, in Locally Incorporated)1
– Overseas Insurance Firms12
Insurance Brokers34
Insurance Consultants3
Insurance Managers4
Representative Offices2
Registered Loss Adjusters12
Registered Actuaries30
Insurance Ancillary Services7
Insurance Pools & Syndicates2
Insurance Society1
Insurance Licensees Restricted:17
– Insurance Firms restricted:11
– Insurance Brokers restricted:4
– Insurance Consultants restricted:2
Insurance Appointed Representative64
– Corporate23
– Individual41

Investment Business Firms:

Total no. of institutions 59 (January 2020)
No. of Investment Business firms 52 (January 2020)

Specialised Licensees:

Total no. of institutions 53 (January 2020)
Money Changers 19
Fund Administrators License3
Registered Administrators 1
Financing Companies 6
Microfinance Institution 2
Trust Service Providers 3
Ancillary Service Providers 18
Registered Professional Body 1
Representative Offices 6
Bahrain Asset Manager Association 1

Funds Industry:


Authorised Funds1,968 (July 2020)
NAVUS$6.957 billion (March 2020)
Locally Incoporated (CIUs) 64
– Conventional-CIU 38
– Islamic-CIU 26
Locally Incorporated (PIUs) 12
– Conventional-PIU 7
– Islamic-PIU 5
– Islamic Funds (both local and overseas) 73
Foreign Funds-Offshore1892 (July 2020)
NAV for Local Funds (CIUs and PIUs)US$2.782 billion (March 2020)
NAV for Offshore FundsUS$4.175 billion (March 2020)
NAV for Islamic Funds (Local and Offshore)US$1.944 billion (March 2020)


Capital Market:

Market CapitalisationUS$ 27,730,894,344 (February 2020)
Listed Companies44
Licensed Exchanges1
Licensed Clearing, Settlement and Central Depository Systems1
Licensed Securities Broker-Dealers2
Licensed Securities Brokers3
Other Members of Licensed Exchanges7
Licensed Crypto-Asset Services1




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