The Central Bank of Bahrain launches a survey campaign to solicit clients’ opinion on the initiative of assigning mutually resolved minor accidents to insurance companies
Published on 29 June 2022
Media Center  Press Release

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 29 June 2022 – In accordance with the Central Bank of Bahrain’s (CBB) objective to provide an appropriate level of protection to users of the financial system, as well as promoting transparency and market discipline, and the CBB’s keenness to evaluate clients’ experiences in order to achieve the required quality standard of insurance services within the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to meeting the clients’ expectations and insurance needs, the CBB has launched a survey through its website to evaluate the clients’ satisfaction in respect of the initiative of assigning the mutually resolved minor accidents to insurance companies.

This survey is conducted following the implementation of the project of assigning mutually resolved minor accidents to insurance companies in July 2021 and according to the issued resolution of His Excellency the Minister of Interior No. (7) of 2021 in respect of regulating the assignment of the implementation of the insurance contract’s provisions in the incidents of reconciled damages to insurance companies, to undertake the implementation of the terms and conditions of the insurance contract in these accidents without the intervention of the General Directorate of Traffic. It is worth to mention that one of the main objectives of launching this survey campaign is to engage clients in the process of enhancing the quality of insurance services being provided to them in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Moreover, the survey addresses several client priorities, including the ease and speed of intimating motor accidents, the variety of means available to clients in respect of reporting accidents, especially electronic ones, and the overall quality of services being offered by insurance companies.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Baker, the Executive Director of Financial Institutions Supervision, stated on this occasion that: “Effective social engagement and collaboration reflects the project success and therefore, the development of services within the insurance market in order to meet clients’ ongoing needs and expectations. The clients’ participation and feedback would also contribute to the continuous development and enhancement of those services”.

On a related note, the CBB is continuing its efforts to digitalize insurance services by advising insurance companies to provide their services electronically without requiring clients to visit the insurance company’s premises, whereby clients will have the option to complete the post-accident procedures and report it completely electronically, except in certain cases that may require the client’s physical presence at the company’s premises.

The CBB invites the public, as well as the clients who have reported minor accidents directly to insurance companies during the implementation of the new procedures, to visit the CBB’s website ( and participate in the survey.

In conclusion, the CBB reaffirms its attention to enhancing the quality of insurance services provided to clients through close and regular coordination and communication with insurance licensees in order to improve service quality, considering the ongoing and increasing clients’ expectations.

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