CBB Treasury Bills oversubscribed
نشر في 28 ديسمبر 2020
المركز الإعلامي  بيان صحفي  الأوراق المالية الحكومية

Manama, Bahrain 28th December 2020 – This week’s BD 70 million issue of Government Treasury Bills has been oversubscribed by 107%.

The bills, carrying a maturity of 91 days, are issued by the CBB, on behalf of the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The issue date of the bills is 30th December 2020 and the maturity date is 31st March 2021.

The weighted average rate of interest is 2.21% equivalent to the previous issue on 23rd December 2020.

The approximate average price for the issue was 99.445% with the lowest accepted price being 99.442%.

This is issue No. 1841 (ISIN BH000161PK91) of Government Treasury Bills. With this, the total outstanding value of Government Treasury Bills is BD 2.110 billion.

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